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Altarcitos in the Barrio

In rural Mexico, people visit the cemetary where their loved ones are buried. They decorate the gravesites with flowers and candles. In the United States and in Mexico’s larger cities, families build altars in their homes, dedicating them to their departed loved ones. They surround these little altars with flowers, food, sugar skulls, candles and pictures representing the deceased. It is an honor to create a personalized tribute for our grandparents, parents and the many people that have touched our hearts and lives forever. We would like to share this tradition respectfully with you and your families and encourage you to join us for A.U.E.D.A.’S Annual “Altarcitos in the Barrio”. There will be assistance in how to build an Altarcito. Come join the fun and learn more about the history and the traditions that remind us to celebrate those we have lost. 

Pinatas in the Barrio

Pinatas in the Barrio is a  Community Fiesta event that features live entertainment, delicious food and fun for the whole family, the event features one of the Barrios Largest Pinatas.

This event also features “La Reyna del Barrio” and “El Rey” del Barrio who are crowned by San Antonio’s El Rey Feo. El Rey del Barrio and La Reyna del Barrio will participate in the Battle of Flowers and Fiesta Flambeau Parades.

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